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Trolls and griefers are everywhere and the lag is horrendous on most sims. You can actually survive in real life off of your earnings in it if you're any good. And Taimarra sure knew exactly how to get a guy steaming. Most sims tend to lag because of users who want to max everything out with scripts and particles, that not even the highest powerful comp can't even handle it. Everyone's a fucking critc. For many it is controversial.

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Avatars and Second Life adultery: A tale of online cheating and real-world heartbreak

Hey - a few days later and there's a Second Life divorce on the cards! I posted on this a while back. The ex has been in fantasy land for years and I was very patient with her , but seeing her all over him in front of me was way too much to put up with. As newbies we stood there in SL, or sat here on the couch real world completely horrified. I have understood my marriage now, after I interact with some people who are going through similar problems. Linden Labs doesn't acknowledge this fact and deletes any post on their site mentioning it, but it's true. One day I was browsing the Internet and came across this website, "Second Life.

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The images were everywhere, so essentially floating all over both of our computer screens, and there was no way to stop or block it. I've told my parents about this and they've uninstalled it from my computer, but I know how to work a computer and how to hide the application from my parents. I can't have sex in real life so my second life is where I enjoy life to the fullest. But not everything necessarily goes to plan in Second Life. Hey - a few days later and there's a Second Life divorce on the cards!
However, as I write this today there are 35 avatars in the Tribe region. We cuddle more, the time we do spend together now is much more quality time than before, where we'd just sit and watch TV or some such. I put up with this all told 8 months, then I left. Fitch Linden Owns SecondLife fitch linden extorts users for information about them, stealing their money, before destroying their account and and snubbing them out of the game if they are not wealthy or important enough to comply. More specifically, a gang bang.
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